References of our customers

At their request, customers of Grimaldi & Partners Ltd. have given their opinion on our independent asset management services, which we are happy to pass on in anonymised form - also as a contribution to better understanding of what is special about our proven, independent and neutral asset management and what motives have made our valued customers cooperate with us. On request, we can of course provide customer references on a personal basis at any time, so that every interested party can independently obtain information from our customers.



«I am completely satisfied. At Grimaldi & Partners Independent Asset Management. I got a better invested portfolio: cost-efficient through direct investments in real values, a better return thanks to better-yielding bonds and high-dividend stocks, and better protection of my assets. The direct investments have increased the transparency to a maximum. I can - without being an investment expert - fully understand every investment in my portfolio.»



«Good investment policy has not to do only with specialist knowledge, but also with experience and sometimes with a little intuition. I am therefore glad that Grimaldi & Partners only has longstanding, professional employees at work. For many years I have been looked after by the same specialist who knows my concerns by heart. It has to be like that. I wish Grimaldi & Partners - also in my own interest! - continued success.»



«It is important to me that investments are made on the basis of clear decisions and not on the basis of relationships with individual banks and their products. At Grimaldi & Partners I get full transparency. Every investment decision is communicated in such a way that I can understand it. I really appreciate the independent, neutral asset management of Grimaldi & Partners Ltd..»



«I feel more secure when I know that I can reach my supervisor at any time. This is the case with Grimaldi & Partners. I really appreciate the flexibility that is offered to me. In times of crisis, I was able to talk to my supervisor at the weekend. Bravo, keep it up!»



«My wife and I have been loyal customers of Grimaldi & Partners for many years. It is important to us to have an honest, reliable, neutral contact person and a calm, stable environment. In both good and bad stock market times, we always felt that we were in very good hands with Grimaldi & Partners. Since we started working together, we have never seen a change of consultant. I highly recommend this independent asset management company.»



«I really appreciated the independence-based business model of Grimaldi & Partner. Right from the start, with the first consultation, I felt real added value through this independent, neutral asset management and thus the lower risk of conflicts of interest than with banks, because I always asked myself whether my interests were in the foreground when my bank was selling me financial products. Grimaldi & Partners is completely product-independent because they do not use investment funds in their customer custody accounts. This gives me the assurance that every investment in my portfolio is being made in my best interests.»



«What I particularly like about Grimaldi & Partners is the real independence and neutral market position. This also means that investments are not simply made in standard stocks such as Nestlé and Roche, but - depending on the market situation - in other investments that currently have more attractive earnings prospects. A good investment policy also means having the courage to find unconventional solutions, although this naturally also means that these investments are continuously and carefully monitored. I was able to experience this at Grimaldi & Partners. Thank you very much!»



«When it comes to investment issues, it is very important to feel understood, otherwise there is always uncertainty. I was impressed by the thorough clarification of my risk profile, including a detailed risk profile questionnaire. The clarification went further than usual, determining my financial situation and willingness to take risks. I was “put on the tooth” to determine my investment behavior. The result is impressive: I've got a better invested portfolio that corresponds to my actual risk appetite, with all my needs and fears.»



«Over the years, my conservatively invested portfolio at my bank has fallen continuously, even though the stock markets have risen. When I turned to the investment experts at Grimaldi & Partners asset management, they explained to me why my assets were being eroded at my bank: The portfolio was not invested sustainably - too high costs and inadequate performance. I've been with Grimaldi & Partners for years: my portfolio is growing year after year, simply because the income from the distribution of interest and dividends already accounts for around 4% of the portfolio per year!»



«When I was at the bank, I never had a chance to talk to the bank management. At Grimaldi & Partners I got to know an asset management company in which the main bearers are on an equal footing with the clients. Open communication at all levels is not just an empty word, but is actively cultivated, something that I missed at my former bank.»